23 May 2008
On Monday, 26th May, Justin was due to appear on the bill at the Music Industry Soccer Six event, but has regretfully had to withdraw from the event: from Justin's Myspace;

"...However, it is with regret that I am pulling out. I had an operation on my knee last year and it has not responded well to last weeks soccer-based exploits. Every time I turned on a sixpence and left my marker for dead I could feel a twinge of pain, and I just don't think my knee can handle another day of high-octane sport action..."

23 May 2008
Singer Duffy is apparently recording with Bernard Butler a cover of a Joe Meek song for the soundtrack to new film about Joe Meek - Telstar. Telstar if you remember stars Justin Hawkins as the character 'Lord Sutch'.

for more info see http://www.bbc.co.uk/6music/news/20080523_bernard_butler.shtml
21 May 2008

BBC 6 Music Bruce Dickinson Interview!

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

This friday 23rd on BBC 6 Music Dan and Rich are interviewed by Bruce Dickinson on his rock show between 10pm and 1am!

Tune in and rock out!
21 May 2008

Bands battle at charity soccer tournament

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

Celebrities teams including The Wombats, The Twang, Justin Hawkins and Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Michelle Heaton, Jade Goody, Dave Gorman, contestants from Big Brother, X Factor, The Apprentice and Shipwrecked all played for charity, raising both funds and awareness for Samaritans.
19 May 2008
In today's Bizzare section of The Sun newspaper, Faithless were named as the winners of the days matches, and it also features a brief comment from Justin...

"Fomer Darkness star JUSTIN HAWKINS said the female talent was 'premiere' in the looks department but not so hot in the skill sector. He also said he was disappointed not to make my Bizarre team."

It seems Amy Winehouse stole the show by turning up to cheer on her mate Pete Doherty - for the full Sun coverage and video, see www.thesun.co.uk
10 May 2008

Justin news coming soon...

+ posted by Sez

Justin Hawkins has posted a new, short blog letting fans know that he hopes it won't be long before we hear some musical news from him...

"Just a quick one to let you know I'm still here, still kicking bums and almost ready to make some eardrums bleed.

See you all soon!


www.myspace.com/barbecuerock smile
03 May 2008

Sticky Carpet

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

The future beckons for the band as they head back overseas to play with the Police at London's Hyde Park. It's refreshing to see a band young and fresh enough to be star-struck by the rock stars they run into backstage.

"Justin Hawkins (the Darkness) found us on MySpace and at our first gig Johnny went to the band room to grab a glass of water and he came running up to us saying, 'Smell my jacket - can you smell Justin Hawkins?'" says bassist Condor. "We had flown halfway across the planet and we should have been really nervous playing to these record executives, but when we saw Justin there singing our songs in the front row, we knew we had to put on our best show," adds Galvatron.
01 May 2008

British Whale Darts Game

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

Some of you might have played the darts game made for British Whale when Justin Hawkins released 'This Town Ain't Good Enough For The Both Of Us'.

We've just added a link in our games area (under Media).

Alternatively you can click here.

Enjoy darts smile


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