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FlamingWhopper.com was bought to flame on 16th June 2004. Being a huge Darkness fan (also known as a Darkling) and after collecting a bunch of images and other media articles from around the net as well as in publications, I decided to embark on a project to share my findings with other Darklings.

When I began to search the net for 'Darkness' sites...I found it quite disheartening that when I put 'The Darkness' into Google I didn't come up with much (evil Google). And when I did find some Darkness Sites, I decided 'why not create one where all the Darklings can get together and make up a site dedicated to The Darkness...muahaha'.

I was browsing through most of the sites and I came up with an idea to start an information site, as there wasn't much information all in the same place at the time, which would have been kinda handy. First off, I asked the Darklings on the Official Darkness Forum, I asked them if it was a good idea to build a site. At first I didn't get many replies, but over time more people became interested, and soon I had some Darklings that wanted to spread the word of The Darkness.

So I registered a domain name...which I wasn't sure what to call yet. I took a line out of an article about Justin's flame tattoo, which a Journalist had referred to as 'The Flaming Whopper' (not that this site is all about Justin's crotch...well just a little bit in some areas I guess).

After a hectic couple of weeks scourging the net and finding some webmasters/mistress' to talk to and get ideas from (incld. the Darklings at the Official Forum) I finally had time to come up with a design (I'm a multimedia student...still learning multimedia), put all the content together and create this site.

I hope that people will find this site helpful and that it will become one of the main destinations on the web for The Darkness information.

2008 Update: Due to The Darkness breaking up and going their separate ways, we thought it'd be a shame to lose all the work and effort we put into making the site. So, we've continued boldly on with rock bands, promoting unsigned bands...and of course Stone Gods and Team Hotleg (and anything else Justin fancies doing lol)

~Spirit "Flaming Whopper Webmistress/Administrator"


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