04 Dec 2005

Album shows Darkness in new light

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

When glam-rock revivalists the Darkness first mooned the world with their below-the-belt power chords, frisky lyrics and spandex getups, a good part of the fun was guessing whether the randy Brits were seriously stoopid or merely winking behind their hair extensions.
04 Dec 2005

Darkness comes, the wolf howls

+ posted by FlamingWhopper

IRONY AND A KNOWING wink to the audience is all very well in popular music, but when it becomes a performer's byword, it gets old quickly and the audience gets ticked off too. After all, who wants to pay to be the butt of the artist's joke?

From the earliest days of rock'n'roll, pop music has required a suspension of disbelief. Bill Haley was a chubby old bloke with a cowlick. You couldn't believe he was really going to be rocking around the clock. John Lennon urged us to imagine no possessions and then bought a Manhattan apartment just to store his fur coats.
04 Dec 2005
Singer Justin Hawkins and the Darkness turned the clock back to the 1970s with the massive hit "I Still Believe In a Thing Called Love" and that vibe reverberates throughout the band's new One Way Ticket to Hell . . . and Back.

It's tempting to dismiss the band as a novelty act, especially with the feathered boas, skin-tight pants and gratuitous hair tossing that Hawkins embraces on stage. Listen to the songs, however, and it's apparent that the Darkness supports the shtick with songwriting that "serious" bands might envy.
04 Dec 2005
With any luck, the spotlight will finally fade out on The Darkness (music) after enough folks hear the band's sophomore effort.

The joke hasn't changed: Justin Hawkins is still singing '70s-style power anthems with tongue firmly planted in check while the rest of the group rips off Styx and Boston. But listeners who were likely laughing along with the band on its debut, 2003's "Permission to Land," are now more likely to be laughing at the group.
04 Dec 2005
In the two years since the release of their debut record, things have changed vastly for The Darkness. Like many acts before them, they went from being darlings of the alternative scene to mainstream stars, and faced a backlash from those who originally adored them. The making of “One Way Ticket…” was interrupted by the sacking of bassist Frankie Poulain, but this obviously hasn’t affected the band’s confidence guitarist Dan Hawkins has said: “The general feeling, listening to this record and knowing how difficult it was to make… is that we all think we’re in the best band in the world again.”

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