01 Sep 2006
Media reports have been circulating about Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty, The Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins and Keane vocalist Tom Chaplin teaming up to write songs together at The Priory rehabilitation clinic in London, England, but we'll have to wait and see if anything actually materializes as it hasn't been confirmed if the story is true.
01 Sep 2006


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But he believes Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, who is also in the Priory, is genuinely in need.

"They were huge and now they're not so that's hard to take.

"I don't mind that - I think it's genuine. Anyway, have you seen him?"
01 Sep 2006

Rock star trio make music in rehab

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Three frontmen of leading British bands have bonded while staying at the same London rehabilitation clinic.

Keane's Tom Chaplin, Babyshambles' Pete Doherty and The Darkness' Justin Hawkins are all currently seeking treatment at The Priory for different reasons, and have reportedly formed a close friendship by using music to help them through their time there.

A source explained to The Sun: “They all vaguely knew each other before but when they found themselves meeting in difficult circumstances it somehow made them click. Being in rehab is strange at the best of times. But when you find yourself in there with other famous faces it’s even more odd."

“Tom was the first to play the piano in one session for some of the patients. After that Pete and Justin chipped in and suggested they write some music. Pete and Justin have struck up a particularly strong friendship and Pete has invited Justin to perform with Babyshambles this weekend," the insider added.

Credit: www.digitalspy.co.uk
01 Sep 2006
The Darkness have been nominated in an unprecedented eight - count 'em! - categories in the Total Guitar Reader Awards 2006. You can't vote online, but print off the forms from the NEWS page and you can be part of the action and support the world's hardest rocking rockers!

The band are nominated in the following categories:Best Band

Best Live Band

Best Album One Way Ticket To Hell ...And Back

Best Solo Is It Just Me?

Best Music Video One Way Ticket

Guitarist Of The Year Justin Hawkins

To vote you need to print the following two pages and then complete and post to: TG Readers Awards 2006, Total Guitar, 30 Monmouth Street, Bath BA1 2BW. Completed forms need to reach them before September 22nd.

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