09 Dec 2008

Ex-Darkness record studio to expand

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It is a local success story and boasts a client list of some of the great names in modern pop music.

Now, after only a year in business, the Norfolk recording studio run by producer Nick Brine and ex-Darkness guitarist Dan Hawkins is expanding.

A second studio is being created at Leeders Farm at Spooner Row, near Wymondham, following an over-whelming response to the offer of a lifetime for an unsigned local band to have their music released and promoted on KAN Records, the studio's independent record label.

Two months ago Nick revealed that he was offering his favourite unsigned local band recording at the studio between October and the end of February next year the chance to have their recording released and promoted.

Yesterday he said there had been such an overwhelming response to the offer that the studio simply could not accommodate most of the artists who came forward wanting to use the venue. He said the solution was to create a second studio at the property which will be geared towards local musicians and bands.

Nick said: “I recently offered local unsigned bands the opportunity to have their Leeders Farm recordings released. We had an overwhelming response to this and could not accommodate most of the artists because we simply didn't have enough studio time available.

“As a result of this and my growing enthusiasm and admiration for East Anglia's current music scene, we have decided to open up a second studio here at Leeders Farm. Not bad after only one year in business!

“This will be a smaller, much more affordable studio aimed at local musicians and bands.

“The equipment will still be to a very high standard, they will still have use of myself and other leading industry producers and engineers and an added bonus of maybe recording in the next room to The Arctic Monkeys! I'm really excited about this project and the opportunities it brings for the local music scene.”

Nick said that work on the new studio was under way and that it would open in January.

Leeders Farm recording studio has gone from strength to strength since opening and famous names such as the Arctic Monkeys, KT Tunstall and US blues maestro Seasick Steve have all recorded there.

Nick said recent visitors include Bill Oddie's daughter Rosie, who is becoming well-known on the London music scene, and Scottish band Teenage Fanclub.

For more information, visit www.leedersfarm.com.

Credit: EMILY DENNIS | new.edp24.co.uk


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